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A mutual fund is a financial tool made up of a pool of money collected from different investors to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, etc. Mutual funds are divided into several kinds of categories, representing the kinds of securities they invest in, their investment objectives, and the type of returns they seek.

One of the most important aspirations in a parent’s life is to provide for and secure your child’s future. Starting with the education of the child right up to their marriage, the responsibilities of parents towards their children can seem endless.

There is more to tax planning than the exemptions available on savings made by you. With our Tax Planning advice, you will pay the right amount of tax and know how to tax proof your income and gains.

With retirement not far around the corner, your needs will be rapidly changing. And you will be asking the big questions – what does retirement mean to me, and will I have enough? How can I be better off?

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